Tools of the Trade

Jenn here with something to help you out as you bake through this book. I know one of the most frustrating things about a recipe is not having the right equipment. Approaching Week 10 of this project, we've succeeded in finding everything we need without reaching too deep into our pockets. As recipes get more complex I'm sure we'll need to get creative about how to accomplish recipes if we are without the proper tools so I'm starting this series of posts called Tools of the Trade. As obscure items come up, I'll help you find them. If there is something you don't see and would like help locating or if you have found an item, please feel free to email.

Note: the team is based in San Francisco so most of our searches will be local, but we will do our best to find appropriate online outlets.

Below I will keep an archive of all the tools and recipes associated with them.

Candied Orange Peel- florentines
Tile/Icing Comb- florentines
Creme Fraiche- plain scones


  1. I see you're scheduled to do the bouchons in March. Any idea where you can buy the mold now that Williams Sonoma isn't carrying it anymore? Or a good substitute?

  2. We asked the buyers at Williams-Sonoma and the Bouchon Mold should be available online again mid March. As soon as we have the exact date, we'll be sure to post the information for everyone to see.

  3. I picked up a bouchon mold at Ikea, it was only $10 and worked great.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the recommendation! Another one of our bakers also went to Ikea for a mold that is typically meant for muffins. Is that the case with yours?